"Not all that wander are lost"

More Changes to the Art Roadtrip

Painting in Badlands National Park, SD

The changes over the last couple of days are to help me to fund a much more limited foray. I had hoped for a year on the road, big ideas, go big or go home. I still want to go for the year, but, without any funding I'll stay home. Therefore, Hatchfund and I have reduced the minimum funding to cover 45 days on the road. At $5500.00, with your help, I'll be able to travel for approximately a month and a half to add imagery to my painting/sketches. Meet some of you all and generally be able to do a mini version of the project. That being said, I'm not planning to make any more adjustments to this project. I hope that I can go still. Here, once again, is the pertinent information:

Through Hatchfund


The donations are tax deductible.

There are some cool perks available.

And the possibility of Matching Funds if we raise 25% of the minimum.


Mountain Lake Graphics

P.O. Box 101

Alden, NY 14004

The Donations are Not tax deductible.

There are some cool perks available.

There are no "Matching Funds"

It is what it is.

Thank you for your patience.


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Unexpected Changes

Roadside rest in the hills around Ellicottville, NY

First, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to my upcoming "I've been everywhere art road trip". Thank you Thank you and Thank you. I'm starting some of the preliminary planning. The surprise is this: Hatchfund has allowed a new deadline of April 29th for funding on their website because of the activity this last few days. So let people out there know that they can still be a part of it! I have been working hard to irritate as many of you all as I can, so, if we can put an end to this, I would be very grateful as I'm not the most social artist you would meet. I do like people a few at a time tho' so I would like to meet you along the road. So I'm going, it's just a matter of when and how long now. If you want to help fund the trip and get some cool swag and a tax deduction go here:


If you want to just fund it and get some swag go here:

Mail to:

Mountain Lake Graphics

P.O. Box 101

Alden, NY 14004

Either way, you know I'll be thankful.

Hope to see you down the road soon!


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Wake Up!

Reversing Falls, Maine

Reversing Falls, Maine. One of my side trips along the Downeast Coastline. The current in the river reverses direction with the flow of the tides in this area. It makes a waterfall going upstream. Here I tried to capture it as it was that day. Painting out is what I like to do best. (and I think the work is better too)

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Deadline is Today

Chimney Rock, Nebraska

Time’s Up! I have only Today left to fund this wonderful adventure.  I have only $10,377 more to raise today, we can make it happen!

Gifts are Tax Deductible!

Also, there are some great Perks awaiting you too!

I would really like to go.


Sponsor my expedition for at least one day at $121? With your donation and 87 others of like-mind, we can still make it happen for at least 90 days.  I’d really love to have your support and participation.


The I’ve Been Everywhere” Art Road Trip

The other day, listening to Johnny Cash, the song “I’ve Been Everywhere” filled the air and my mind with a vision:

Travel, Paint, Repeat Daily.

 I’m sharing this project again with you at this stage of its development because I hope you might be interested in supporting the work. I’m aiming to raise $11,000.00  by  April 15, 2014 to cover a minimum of three months of travel. If you can support this project with a donation, in any capacity, together we can make this idea a reality! Sharing the project with others and sending me your thoughts are also very valuable ways to show your support.

Here are all the details:


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One Week

Hi all,

In the last week or three, I've pestered, irritated, or annoyed just about everyone I know about my roadtrip project fundraising.  I still want to be able to go. I have one week left to fund it. Never the less, I have alot of other things going on around here too. Right now, as I look out the window of my studio, it's starting to snow, again. I am beginning to get an attitude about being inside so much. I would like Spring to spring already. We've one Crocus come up so far in the garden, and everything else is still sleeping except the willow trees are very yellow. 

 When I can get out to paint again, I'm looking at the local waterfalls, not the least being Niagara. I have sketched at a few, and painted only one. And that wasn't Niagara, but Ellicott Falls in Williamsville's Glen Park and that was a few years ago. I do enjoy painting outdoors and am always looking for places to do so.

This Eastern landscape is still a jungle to me compared to the Western landscape I grew up wandering around in. I'm still unsure of the rules with so much private land. Access seems to be very limited to waterways for instance. If I wander up a stream's bank to paint, would anyone care? So I stay much closer to roads and really do worry I'll get shot one day.

I'll continue to irritate you all to donate to the roadtrip. I need 88 people to donate $121 to fund one day so I can go for three months of travel. Here, once again, is the website:


I thank you all in advance and look forward to seeing you soon!


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News from the Homefront

Things are relatively quiet here, snowing again. We're ready for spring to spring here in Buffalo, but seems it never behaves the way we want it to. Well, that's Buffalo.

Meanwhile, I have mailed out postcards to those whom I haven't an email address for, asking to help send me away. I am getting a good amount of support for the project, but will need much more to make the goal I want of at least three months travel. I would like to thank you all for your encouragement, it gives me hope that this is not a totally insane idea (even if it is). I keep painting here in the studio, working on a couple of paintings for a show entry coming up on the 28th of March. Hopefully they will get accepted into the exhibit. Starting to accumulate and inventory the things I'll need on my upcoming adventure into one place and see what I may have to add to it before departure. So, that's all from here today (so far). If you want to support my adventure, the link is  http://www.hatchfund.org/project/ive_been_everywhere_art_roadtrip.

You may also donate directly by contacting me.

I hope to see you all along the road.


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I've Been Everywhere Art Road Trip Campaign On Now

Chimney Rock

Last Wednesday evening I got a project approved to try and fund. It's about travelling and painting and writing. Keeping up with a blog and creating a body of work for an exhibit. I hope I'll be able to go. 

For those whom I've contacted already (about 125 of you all) via email or other means, I thank you for responding in time. I feel I owe an apology to all of you because I'm so poor at communicating. This project pushed me outside more than I like. I think of all you people often, but don't rightly know how to carry a conversation very well. I once was a good listener, but,with my hearing fading, I miss alot of what is said in a place with more than one conversation going on. Also, I don't hear so well on the phone.  Letter writing I can do, but again, what to say. It's raining here.....the dog puked on my painting. I just don't know what to say.

Now, after such a rabbit hole, here is the project:

I’ve Been Everywhere Roadtrip

As a landscape painter, I travel to paint.  The other day, listening to Johnny Cash, the song “I’ve Been Everywhere” filled the air and my mind with a vision: That of having a full year of being able to travel. To have an unscheduled calendar to wander our back roads, discovering and recording in artwork whatever I may find.  Staying in campgrounds, exploring some of the side roads that few venture down. Travelling this fine land to see what I may see. I might not make it “Everywhere”, but I’ll have been many more than previously. This time has presented itself to me if I can fund it.  I will use this funding for the creation of three projects; first will be daily sketches from the road, second will be a completed set of paintings to be produced either along the way or within the following six months, third the publication of a road journal if it becomes possible. All these things can be accomplished I believe in eighteen months.

The most overlooked is usually what lies before us in the landscape. One can look and not see. This project is set to slow down the speed that, as a people, we usually travel. To notice the roses, so to speak. I intend to paint details along the highway. Land, people, built environments, wherever the back road takes me. Collecting stories in paint. The landscape of our country is diverse, sometime grand, others, whisperingly quiet. Open deserts to dark crowded forests; metropolis to wide spots in the road places. These places hold beauty.

The plan is such. Departing Buffalo, New York approximately May 1st, 2014 toward the north, with a vehicle and a 14’ travelling studio/home, venturing past the end of my driveway as the weather dictates on that particular day. I’ll be travelling no more than two days before stopping for one or two to explore the area I find myself in. Travel and stay intervals will be variable on what I find where I am today. There will be a blog to follow as communications allow. Travelers always want “The Forecast Be With You” and a plein aire artist is no different. I do paint in all weather, just not always in the weather. I paint/draw every day, seven days per week. All this will culminate in an art exhibition here in Buffalo, New York within the year from returning and hopefully the publication of a road journal.

I have projected costs for the adventure very closely on a daily basis.  The funding is for the whole 365 days of the next year. I realize that may seem a hefty amount, but it includes all expenses planned for, room & board, gasoline, tolls, fees, and supplies for a whole year. But as a minimum, I should like to have a minimum of three months travel to start this project and I will need $11000.00.  Should we exceed this goal, for each additional day funded, I add more “Everywhere” to the road trip.  A hearty thank you to all and hope to see you along the road!

Here is the web address.


Funding until 4/15/2014. If the funds get raised, I get to go, if not, I don’t.

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Starting A New Project!

Roadside Rest

Over the last week I've been working hard on setting up a new project. I'm excited about it and I want to put some of the details forward:

It involves painting outside...alot. Travelling...alot. Meeting people and experiencing the landscape at a slower than usual pace.  Hope you will come along side and help.  Here is a link to the details: http://www.hatchfund.org/project/ive_been_everywhere_art_roadtrip

I am excited and anxious to be doing the project, but I know it will produce alot of artwork and maybe writing too! Thank you all.

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